TomTom GO Issues & Troubleshooting:

TomTom GO:

TomTom Go 620 GPS system is a combination of premium features and well-designed interface. The bundle of premium features including lifetime map updates and traffic alerts make the TomTom Go 620 one of the top GPS devices in the market. The only difference between Go 520 and Go 620 is the screen size, rest all the features are the same on both devices.

 You can keep your eyes on the road because TomTom GO 620 provides safety features like voice-activated directions and lane assistant. Lane assist offers visuals of buildings and landmarks to assist you with the right direction of your destination. It will provide you the assistance to find the food, gas, and hotel when driving on the highway. TomTom Go 620 comes with preloaded maps and lifetime map updates.

  1. Bluetooth Connectivity: connect your smartphone to your TomTom Go via Bluetooth and receive traffic updates.
  2. POI: add millions of your preferred point of interests.
  3. Voice-Activated: allows hands-free calling and voice-activated navigation.
  4. Lifetime Maps: preloaded with North America maps and free lifetime map updates.
  5. Advanced Lane Guidance: allows advanced split-screen lane guidance.
  6. 3D View: display the landmarks and buildings in 3D.
  7. Cloud App: allows you to save maps and data in the cloud app.
  8. Compatible with Siri and Google now.

TomTom GO LIVE 1535M:

TomTom GO LIVE 1535M GPS is the best choice for those who prefer to use the GPS system with mobile apps. It works on internet-based services and provides you traffic updates. TomTom GO LIVE 1535M also provides HD traffic service, which is one of the best features of traffic data services.

  • HD traffic data services
  • IQ routes technology
  • Advanced lane guidance
  • Hands-free calling

Troubleshooting For TomTom GPS:

1. MyDrive Connect error messages:

MyDrive connect software executes an error message if there is any problem with the software. Somehow, MyDrive Connect may not deliver you the information about the problem. It might occur due to old firmware as well.

A soft reset can be the solution to this problem. Press and hold the power button for thirty seconds until you hear any sound from your TomTom GPS device. A prompt will show on the screen with instructions to reset the device. Follow the instructions and finish the soft reset procedure.

2. MyDrive Connect Installation issue:

If you encounter any problem to install the MyDrive Connect software, Check out the compatibility of the software with the version of the windows. If your software is compatible with the windows version, check the firewall of the windows. The installation process might be interrupted due to a firewall on the computer. Turn off the firewall while installing the MyDrive Connect. Turn on the firewall after the installation is complete.

If you still facing any problem and it gives you an error message while installing MyDrive Connect. It might be a problem with the windows account. Try to create another windows account and install the software there.

Follow the steps to create a new account.

a. Open the windows user account in a control panel.

b. Create a new administrative account and download the MyDrive Connect software again.

c. Install the MyDrive Connect to your new account.

d. Connect the GPS device to your computer and click on available updates.

3. TomTom GPS Freezes:

This problem might occur due to the old version of the MyDrive Connect software. Install the most recent version of MyDriveconnect on your computer. If your TomTom GPS freezes and you won’t be able to do anything. Sometimes your GPS begins looping at the starting screen, MyDrive Connect application may not be working properly.

Follow the below steps to install MyDriveconnect:

  1. Turn on the TomTom GPS and connect to the computer via USB
  2. Download and install the Mydriveconnect software and click on manage my device.
  3. Remove all the files and do not copy any removed files.
  4. Register your TomTom GPS with the help of MyDriveconnect and update the firmware of the device as well.

4. Black and White maps issue resolved:

If you are getting maps in black and white, it means you are not receiving signals from the satellite. Some objects can block the signals. If you are sitting in your house, take your TomTom GPS outside so it can work on a clear line of sight to the satellite.

Leave the GPS outside for several minutes. Make sure your TomTom GPS is turned on while receiving signals from the satellite. If still it is not receiving signals then reboot your TomTom GPS and try once from.

5. Language Problem:

If you change your TomTom Gps device language, You can’t figure it out how to change it back until you know that language. You need to reset your GPS device. After resetting it, it will request you to choose your language. Choose your preferred language and click on finish. This process will change your language to your preference.

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