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MyDrive Connect

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MyDrive Connect

MyDrive Connect is an official TomTom software which is used to connect to your computer via USB and update maps. The software itself is quite easy to install and provides you with updates for maps and firmware. You can also delete the old maps as well from this software. Tomtom myDrive Connect software gives you access to various services like software update and Tomtom update for your GPS device. TomTom provides this software free of cost and makes your driving experience more convenient. It works on all latest window and MAC systems. Connect your TomTom GPS to your computer through a USB cable and mydive will detect your GPS. After synchronizing the GPS device, it will give you the latest updates for your maps and GPS device. Once MyDrive Connect is installed on your computer, you can easily install the available updates for your GPS device.

How to download Mydrive connect?

Mydrive connect download link should be easily available at Tomtom official website. Tomtom software is available for Windows and Mac versions. Mydrive allows you to download available Tomtom update and even alerts you when new maps are ready to download. Follow the steps to download the software.

  • Launch a web browser on the computer and visit the Tomtom official website.
  • Click the support button and choose set up your product on the website.
  • Choose Drive option in the available list.
  • Enter the product model of the GPS device.
  • Click the download button according to the operating system of the computer.
  • Download the file on the computer and click the save button.


Issues with Mydrive connect download?

We suggest you reset the browser or use the latest web browser if you are facing any issue downloading the Tomtom software. Reset the browser to the default settings and try to open the download link again. Turn off the security or firewall If you are not able to find the download file in the computer. Always download the software from an official Tomtom website and please avoid the third party websites to download the mydrive connect.

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TomTom designs and develops innovative GPS Navigation system and fitness watches, sports watches, fitness trackers that give you real-time traffic information at a quick look and make it easier for people to keep moving towards their goals. TomTom GPS gives you lifetime tomtom Map and traffic, advance lane guide, etc.


You can setup MyDrive Connect on your computer.

  1. Internet services should be working on the computer.
  2. Open a browser and go to website
  3. You may have to select your country to continue.
  4. Click Get Started.
  5. On the left-hand side, you will see Download MyDrive Connect, click it. Your browser downloads the TomTom support application, which you need to install on your computer to connect your device to TomTom software. Follow the instructions on the screen if you are asked questions while downloading.
  6. When prompted, connect your device to your computer using the USB cable. Then turn on your device.
  7. Enter the name of the GPS and click “ADD” to save the name of your device.
  8. Connect the GPS device and wait for the synchronization to complete between the computer and the navigation system.
  9. Enter all the information required on the next page and create an account for the TomTom application.
  10. Look for the new updates for your device by clicking on “Check for updates” button.
  11. Select the updates you want to install for your device and click updates selected.
  12. Restart the GPS navigation system to finish the update process.

TomTom Update

Imagine loading up your brand new GPS and find out it doesn’t have the map you need? TomTom Go navigation system comes with the lifetime maps update so you can update your maps anytime anywhere you want. Get the Tomtom updates by connecting your computer with the GPS device. MyDriveConnect is easy to use and give you notifications to update the firmware, software, and maps with a solo click.

Go on the right path and end up in the right place with the TomTom GPS system. A GPS system is reliable for those people whose job depends on them getting to the right place at the right time. It would be the best companion and navigator for you. The 5-inch TomTom comes with many features that can take your driving experience to a different level. Travel to your destination with confidence by the following turn by turn directions with the help of GPS. The display of GPS offers a good deal of resolution and adequate lighting.

What you will get in TomTom update?

TomTom GPS is one of the best-selling GPS navigation systems in the market nowadays. It comes with a lot of features which can help you navigate all your addresses. Upgrade the features with Tomtom latest update.

Driver Safety Alert

Get alerts and warnings to help keep you safe on the road including speed limit and red light.

Landmark Guidance

Conveniently receive directions using landmarks, for example in 400ft turn left from the restaurant.

Highway Exit POIs

Find a gas station and coffee shops along your route while you are navigating.

Park Assistant

Get the notification about parking space available near your location.

Future driving now

Building mapping technologies for automated vehicles.

TomTom is the future of driving now, it’s a trusted partner for future proof navigation technology for the automotive industry.

Features of TomTom Trucker 620

TomTom Trucker 620 is a 6-inch touch-screen fully loaded with advanced navigation features and lifetime traffic updates.

TomTom Trucker 620 is a most useful tool for professional and heavy-duty highway truckers. It contains so many advanced features which entirely makes your job easier than ever before. It is now compatible with Google and Siri, so you can execute voice-activated instructions through a smartphone. TomTom Trucker 620 knows how to predict and avoid traffic, so you can reach your destination at your given time.

Stopped Traffic Alerts

Allows you to receive alerts and avoid sudden braking with traffic alerts.

Speed Camera

Allows you to receive information about speed cameras, so you can drive within the speed limit.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Allows you to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and receive notifications.

Driver Safety

Allows you to provide lane guidance and information about low bridges.

Lifetime Maps

Allows you to receive lifetime map updates for U.S and Canada.

Features of MyDrive Connect

Tomtom Update

You can easily install the available updates with the help of the software.

Data Transfer

MyDrive Connect can transfer the data to your new device automatically. Connect the device to your computer and automatically transfer the data.

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Map Update

Download the latest maps in your GPS device with a single click on Tomtom mydrive.

Product Registration

Create an account with the help of Tomtom website and register your product online with just a few clicks.


Supported Operating System for MyDrive Connect

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 8.1

Windows 10

Mac OS 10.5.8 or higher

Note: You may face some performance issues with Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS 6.